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1900 Numbers. How does the billing / payment cycle work?

The following is an example of the monthly billing process for a call to a 1900 service:

1) A caller makes a call to a 1900 service during the month

2) Telstra immediately calculates the cost of the call and add the cost to the caller's telephone account

3) At the end of the month Telstra tallies up all calls that have been made to each 1900 service, and sends this information to Phone Australia (service provider). This occurs approximately 2 weeks after the end of the month.

4) Within a few days of Telstra providing Phone Australia with the 1900 call information a Gross Telstra Rebate payment is made to Phone Australia, which is calculated as:

    (i)    Gross Call Cost (to callers)
    (ii)    less Telstra Network Charges
    (iii)   less Provision for Caller Bad Debts*

5) Phone Australia checks the call information provided by Telstra against its own call data to ensure consistency and accuracy

6) Phone Australia makes Net Rebate payments to clients by the last day of the following month, which are calculated as:

    (i)    Gross Telstra Rebate
    (ii)    less Phone Australia Service Charges
    (iii)   less Outbound Call Costs** (if applicable)

The Net Rebate Payments that are made to clients are supported by a Phone Australia Rebate Statement, which includes detailed information about call volumes and financial data.

[*] Provision for Caller Bad Debts is a percentage of the Gross Call Cost that is withheld to cover Caller non-payments. This provision is reconciled to actual on a monthly basis, twelve months later, and the difference refunded or invoiced to the Information provider accordingly.


[**] Outbound Call Costs are the carrier costs of transferring a call from the Phone Australia IVR equipment to another location, such as when a call is transferred to a Live Operator.

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